Warning over sea defence works

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People are advised to avoid a beach in the Isles of Scilly due to sea defence works.

The project at Porthloo is nearing completion and the "sand is very soft in places", warns the Council of the Isles of Scilly.

It expects the tides to resolve the issue and signs are in place.

Sea defences are being improved at sites on St Mary's, St Martin's, Bryher and St Agnes as part of the £8.1m Climate Adaptation Scilly project.

The council said: "We advise that the community continues to avoid the beach until the completion of the works.

"Signs have been placed at both ends of the beach and will remain in place until we consider that the beach has adjusted sufficiently for people to re-enter the area.

"Construction will begin at the Porthmellon site in January, so please also avoid the site at the western end of Porthmellon beach whilst work is in progress. Signage will be updated at this location as necessary."

The Climate Adaptation Scilly project aims to help the islands adapt to the impacts of climate change.

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